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New SAMSUNG BT PEN PLUS Bluetooth Ballpoint Call Camera Remote Control Pointers

I do not envy Smart Watch! Real new perseverance items
Was it the first Bluetooth pen to call PPT remote?
This is the first real ball pen like this! This is truly true

Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS

Why are the products that I imagined these days become a reality one by one and apply to everyday life? But ... I have never imagined this really, but try to write it and continue to wow .. TRAVELING IN IT BT PEN PLUS What it is. It's a ballpoint pen that can make calls. TV broadcast Happy Together 3, and I was not able to see the scene, so this is the first time I've ever been on a pen. I tried that and it was a big hit.

BT PEN PLUS bluetooth
Bluetooth Ball pen 2in1

Smart Bluetooth Pen camera, PPT remote
You can even make phone calls!

samsung pen BT PLUS

I have 2/3 of the day in front of my computer. So why do not you try writing a fountain pen? I started with a really soft and well written pen. Is that what you mean? Make a call with a ballpoint pen !!
First function Quiet call possible
The second remote control function allows you to take pictures, the PPT remote control function

Provides a smooth and stable writing feel

pen BT PLUS samsung

Ballpoint pens are also quite satisfactory.

It was easy and comfortable to wear in one hand with a sensual round square design that was simple and not protruding. Is it heavy because it has many functions? I was worried but it was not heavy at all. I have a microphone, a speaker, and a charge. So I thought I gave up the design. I think I made it very well.

Bluetooth BT PEN

The component

-BT PEN PLUS / Charging Cable / User's Manual
-Size 12.4 × 12.4 × 144.5mm
-Weight 18g
-Frequency range 2402 to 2480 MHz
-Bluetooth Specification Version 5.0
-Wireless range up to max 10M

BT PEN PLUS samsung

The case is also luxurious, so stop being a gift!
This is a coveted item for everybody who sees it really
This is a coveted item for both my father and my brother and my mother
I accept this! Why is it good for a gift is a smart phone compatible with other Samsung phones as well as other third-party phones, ballpoint pen is only a call after the end? NONO - I have also replaced the ballpoint pen. The more you see, the more you write.


There is also a volume button for this little guy with a power button.

There are many people who use smart watch? I do not have it. T0T I recently dropped the phone and went to the liquid crystal ... Note 8 It was so tough I just dropped it from a certain height. Actually, I did not nod off on the cement floor, And the gold ...
I do not think there would be such a thing if there was a Smart Watch, but if you listen to people who are actually using it, you will not be able to talk even if it is noisy, or even call it in a place that is too quiet. I heard.

Samsung Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS
Bluetooth samsung BT PEN PLUS

Smart watch connection makes calls more clear
The TRADIQUE Bluetooth pen is a form of receiving a phone like a smart phone, which can be called in the office or on the subway. sure! Would you look at everything ?! I woke up after listening to the speaker and microphone part of the ear to bring to the eh .. sound quality of the phone is good! No noise, beautiful sound! And it's compatible with Galaxy Watch, so you can connect to Watch LTE and get an incoming call.

Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS cam

LED display and electric notification function are also easy.
When waiting for pairing, the red and blue LEDs are crossed and appear
When the phone comes up, the blue LED is glaring at the top. And when you set the vibration mode, it will notify you if the phone is received and operated by vibration. You can turn it off and you can use it again when you are using the pen.

samsung BT PEN PLUS smart

How to use and how to operate

1. Press and hold the power button for 1 second, the vibration will flash twice, the blue LED will blink 4 times, and the power will be turned on.
2. When I connect my Bluetooth device, I can ignore the 'HD Profile'
3. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, the vibration will be 3 times, the red LED indicator will blink 4 times and the power will be off
4. Press and hold briefly once for less than 1 second to release the vibration mode.
5. When the call comes in, briefly press the power button once
6. Press the power button once to end the call.

Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS 2019
samsung Bluetooth BT PEN

The pairing method is also fast.

When you turn on the power, red / blue blink alternately for 3 minutes
Select 'BT PEN PLUS' after activating Bluetooth on smartphone
Once connected, it will automatically pair from the next!
And dual pairing is possible.
With this feature, you can use your smartphone, tablet and presentation functions without any inconvenience. It is easy to set up the yoga.
Turn on the terminal 1 and register the first terminal in the waiting state for pairing
Press and hold the power button and VOL (+) button on the terminal 2 for 1 sec. At the same time for 1 second and then waiting for pairing (LED red, blinking blue). Easy?

samsung BT PEN PLUS bluetooth
samsung BT PENbPLUS pro

Micro-5-Pin Charger Charges Anywhere, Anywhere
In 2.5 hours, it is fully buffered, it can talk for 4 hours continuously, and 1,608 standby is possible, so the function and performance in one size are amazing. It's great to be able to charge and use it in the office as well as in the car and cafe. Red LED during charging

samsung BT PEN PLUS

If the battery is low, the red LED and a beep will blink twice every 10 minutes. If the pen is turned off, the call will automatically switch to your smartphone. If the battery is low, Vibration Mode will not work automatically.

Camera remote control Now with Bluetooth pen

samsung BT PEN PLUS camera

Nowadays, it is necessary to go on a trip to the city.
I do not usually photograph a selfie like me, but there are a couple of houses in the house. How can I fix the remote control so well? I just got the camera remote control of the TRADITION Bluetooth pen.

Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS new

1. VOL + button 1 second / vibration 1 screen while camera screen is on
2. VOL +/- Shooting when pressed at any time
3. Press VOL + for 1 second on the camera screen, and the camera will change from forward to backward with one vibration.
If it is not 1 (not yet), go to the function that is useful for the setting and turn on the camera Quick Run!

New Tel

smart Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS
samsung BT PEN PLUS cam
Microphone above the speaker

Would not it be nice to be able to speak clearly to the call? So it's perfect.
In fact, the price range and various functions, so I expected the most expected call function will be a little bit lower or noise, but what?
With Bluetooth 5.0, it's fast, it's easy to make calls with surround-reduction and echo prevention technology, and it's not only the volume control during the call, but also the way you have to take it to your ear. I always liked it.

Presentation PPT remote control

Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS samsung

I can connect to a laptop and do smart PT without complicated control. PowerPoint, Keynote, etc .. It works on Microsoft PC and Tablet.
Press the volume buttons +/- simultaneously to activate the remote control function
The first operation is set with the camera, so you can press it at the same time to change it to the presenter's remote control. + Next page, - go to previous page.

Soft, lightweight grip pen

Bluetooth BT PEN PLUS smart
samsung BT PEN

From this year on, I tried to write a diary hard.
I did not like ball-point pen, and I was not doing so. I am satisfied with this kind of gnomisha treetly by a ballpoint pen that is soft enough and lightly gripped by hand.
It is very useful even for our manager's chiefs who have a ballpoint pen in the company jumper. When I get PT, I think I'll be a professional! Ballpoint pens alone in the meeting during the meeting. I think that it is a convenient item for modern people who are busy endlessly like these days but prepare to study and certify for personal growth.
New SAMSUNG BT PEN PLUS Bluetooth Ballpoint Call Camera Remote Control Pointers New SAMSUNG BT PEN PLUS Bluetooth Ballpoint Call Camera Remote Control Pointers Reviewed by www.iphoneandriod.com on May 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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