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Nintendo Switch Neon Opener

I was going to PlayStation 4 these days and suddenly thought I would buy a Nintendo Switch, so I went to the Nintendo Switch Shop.

console Nintendo switch neon

I have a store that I always go to when I try to buy a 4th CD. I called and asked if there was a stock.
The Nintendo switch neon has a different color on both sides, so it seems to be more cute.

Let's finally open the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo switch neon

Nintendo Switch Neon All box shots and additional components purchased.
Additional purchases include covers for only joy cones, covers for covers, stick covers, protective films, and zelda cases.

I can not use two covers at once for the JoyCon concealed cover and the whole cover, but when I connect it to the TV, I only put it on the joy cone. When I connect it to the Nintendo switch body, I use the cover to cover it.
I bought it in the store and it was easy to put the protective film at the store!
I think this is a good thing when buying offline: D

Nintendo switch neon console

When I opened the Nintendo switch neon box, the main body and the joy cone were aligned.
Before buying, I thought the Nintendo Switch Neon Joey Cone was completely blue and red, but the blue was a little blue, and the red was a bit orange.
It seems to be glittering blue, more attractive color than red!

Nintendo switch

It's in the boxes. It includes HDMI cable and charging wire. There is also a joystick strap for connecting and using for two people. It also comes with a cover that can block the holes of the cradle and the cradle.
When using two Joycons alone, they can be connected to Joycont grips.

Nintendo switch console

The charger is a C-type charger, but it's the same as a mobile phone charger. Sometimes it is charged by a mobile phone charger. Sometimes it is broken. Please note that A/S is difficult!
When connecting to the Joycon body or grip, check the left / right and connect it, then connect it from top to bottom until it clicks.

Nintendo switch sd

When connecting to the Joystick strap, do the same thing, but do not need to look at the left and right sides.
And if you connect the JOY CON strap, you can lock it from the bottom side.
LOCK is not a perfect grip, but it's a bit of a nuisance when you play, but it's okay to use it.

Nintendo switch neon pro

There is a power button and a volume button on the main body and on the left side, and a space for putting the pack on the right side.
The Nintendo switch pack is small, so I thought I should keep it in the case.
I'm sure the case is bigger than the pack size.

Nintendo switch charge

I opened the back cover of the cradle so that I can plug in the HDMI cable and the charging cable.
There is a groove on one side, so you have to put the line in it, so it looks more clean because it does not protrude from the outside.

Nintendo switch neon jeux

It's connected to the grip. I had a feeling of grip on the back part and it was easy to play when I was in the game.
When connecting to a TV or monitor, it is easy to connect to the grip, otherwise the silicone case will fit well in your hand.

Nintendo switch new
Nintendo switch 2019

This is a ZOIKON cone with a silicone on it.

Nintendo switch tv

I bought the same Nintendo switch case, but it is a Zelda case.
At first, I picked a case that had no pattern, but when I saw the case report of the employee, I changed it to a Zelda case, and it was more beautiful and the handle was on top, so I thought it was good to change it!

Nintendo switch jeux

It's perfect for putting on a silicone case to put the whole thing on.
I put it on the top, but when I put it in the side, there is a band that can hold the Nintendo switch so it does not move much inside!

console Nintendo switch

Put the entire silicone cover on the cover, put a stick cover on the stick, finish the screen to start!
I do not even think about buying a Nintendo switch, but I bought it because I suddenly bought it.
I bought the legend of Zelda and Diablo and I should go to play again soon.
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