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MacBook Pro, 15 inch CTO un unveiled

This time, I bought a new Macbook Pro, following my previous notebook, the Dell XPS 9550.

macbock pro 2018

The reason for the purchase is for programming.
I used to develop from my first company to a MacBook.
Recently, when I was developing with Windows, I naturally missed the MacBook.
Basically, two types of MacBook Pro 2018 and 15 inch models are sold.
I upgraded to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD for the high-end specifications, ordered (CTO)
I was able to receive it after about two weeks because it was made to order.

Macbook Pro laptop apple

I had a lot of trouble before buying MacBook Pro.
Once again, I did not really need it.
... I do not need it, but I wanted to buy it.

When I made my first purchase decision, I was thinking of a basic model, but now I am going to upgrade it to a high-end model.
However, it did not stop at the high-end model, and eventually became CTO (order production).

Macbook Pro apple

The SSD is actually 512GB, which is enough.

In fact, 16GB of RAM is reasonable, since I can not add RAM afterwards (it is integrated with ram and board)
I did not even know it and uploaded it to 32GB.
I know I'm over-spec, and I've been playing Apple's joke.
Apple trades really well.

Apple Macbook Pro

I was wondering if the graphics card would be on VEGA20
I am not a designer or filmmaker, but a developer.
I went over here because I wanted to overdo it.

CPU is struggling to use i7 or i9
I decided that there would be no big difference in performance between the 8th generation i9 heat issue and i7, and gave up.

laptop Macbook Pro apple

I was worried about the size. Buy 13 inches or 15 inches?
I've been using a 13-inch MacBook for about four years, and I've had the feeling that the screen is a bit small,
Since there was no big difference in the size of 13 inches or 15 inches, this part was set to 15 inches without worrying much.
Of course, if you had enough money, it would be full spec without having to worry ...

Macbook Pro

The design is obvious, but it is good.
The color is space gray, but it does not look much different from the silver in the picture.

Is it the MacBook Pro 2016? From that time, the space gray color came out,
So far, most of the sales have been space gray.
Color preference is high.


This is the MacBook Pro component.
Adapters, and cables, and paper scraps
If it looks good, it looks simple.

Macbook Pro apple laptop

In the case of a touch bar, it feels uncomfortable.
I would rather have left the function key as it is and provided additional touch bar ...
I do not know the practicality yet though it looks luxurious when I look at the touch bar.
If you use it, you may feel it.

laptop apple Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro

When I think of the purchase price, I want to know why I bought it.
I bought it anyway so I will try to make good use for the next 5 years.
I did not know, and I fed AppleCare Plus.
Up to two times in the next three years, you can be guaranteed damages due to your fault.
I will also upload additional accessories and peripheral devices MacBook Pro.
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