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If you are looking for a gaming tablet, take a look at the Eye Muse A10!

I've used the gaming tablet Revolution A10, which was released by Eye Muse, a popular brand for consumers who value high quality for their high price.

Revolution A10

For those of you who do not have the time, this product can be summarized as a product with excellent performance, 10 inch wide display and excellent expandability. Because it is not a high-end spec, you can not play the latest 3D mobile games comfortably at the highest option. However, it can be used for a variety of purposes such as office work, video viewing, etc. at anytime, anywhere, at an affordable price, and supports a USB Type-C port capable of up to 4K video output in PD2.0. Let's take a quick look.

tablet Revolution A10 game
Tab Revolution A10
A neat package box stands out. The model name is neatly printed on the front without any explanation, and the rear shows a brief overview of the main features. You look great. The components are also very simple, providing an iMUSE A10 body, a 12V-2A rechargeable adapter and a product guide.

tablet Revolution A10

As with most entry-level tablets, the bezel is also quite large. There is also a 10-inch display that supports FHD-class resolution. The thickness is about 8.9mm, not thin, and the weight is not as good as about 578g. However, the appearance of this feature compared to high-priced products such as iPad and Galaxy Tab, but it feels unfortunate, rather than a bright and clear high-resolution IPS panel at the price of 175$, enjoying a variety of content is better for users.

tablet Revolution A10 andriod

The overall design is neat. I used it for the first time, and I like the neatness from the package box I've looked at before to the design of the Revolution A10 The edge is softened with diamond cutting to enhance the grip feeling, and at the same time, it is intended to reflect the light to the luxurious feeling.

gaming tablet Revolution A10

I used aggressive metal and the finish was much cleaner than I thought. The power button on the side and the volume up / down button quality are slightly lower than other places. If it was made of the same material as the housing material of the main body, it would be hard to know what it would be like.

Revolution A10 tablet

If someone tells me that one of the features I would like to praise is among them, I will not hesitate to choose a broader scalability that is comparable to that of a laptop. A 4-pole earphone jack, a Micro SD slot, a Micro HDMI port, a full-function USB Type-C port that supports an alternate mode, and a keyboard docking port.

tablet Revolution A10 tab

You can use it as a laptop by connecting a dedicated keyboard (sold separately), so you can do most of the paperwork that office workers like to work in the office, such as writing a word or editing Excel. By connecting a hub to the Type-C port, you can read / write data stored in the external hard drive and connect it to a mouse. I used it really usefully in a local business trip that went down quickly this week. At night, for business purposes, for gaming at night!

Poor battery capacity and PD charging will help.

tablet A10

The battery is faster than I thought. Considering the amount of battery consumed by the high-resolution 10-inch display, it is true that the A10 has a built-in 3,000mAh capacity. That's why the manufacturer has put a universal USB Type-C port on a mainstream tablet.

tablet Revolution A10 samsung

PD (Power Delivery) 2.0. It means fast charging is possible. If you use accessories such as the MX30PD-K dual high-speed charger, or the 10,000mAh PD2 auxiliary battery, which support high-speed charging, you are less stressed by the battery. In less than 30 minutes, it is possible to buffer.

Tablet A10

Gaming tablet performance is paramount. No matter how good the display is, if it is not supported by basic performance, it is just a picture of rice cake. It will only be used for office applications that do not require high-end upgrades. As mentioned at the beginning of this product introduction, it does not have very good performance. We chose the 64-bit hexa core RK3399, developed by ROCKCHIP, as a processor. It is superior to Snapdragon 600 series and has LPDDR3 4GB RAM (default storage size: 64GB), which is good for use in multitasking environment, but it is a full-3D game It is not enough to enjoy.

samsung tablet Revolution A10
Fever is observed (average 34 ~ 36 degrees)

To be precise, play itself is not impossible. However, if the option is set to the highest level, the character's movement is severely disrupted and can not be enjoyed properly. FPS game Battleground is the same. It is possible to play comfortably by lowering it to an intermediate option. On the other hand, when playing a game that requires less GPU performance, you can enjoy the immersive game experience by feeling the vividness of the unique wide screen. Of course, multi-touch (up to 10points) is also available as a product optimized for gaming.

tablet Revolution A10 pro

When it is used for streaming videos such as YouTube and Netflix, it shows presence well. Once you have 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual WiFi support, you can enjoy 1080p image quality without interruption. Moreover, from one speaker on the left and right to a powerful sound! There is no gap for multimedia appreciation.

tablet Revolution A10 new

The operating system is Android 8.1 (Oreo). OTA is possible. If only network is connected, update to latest firmware is done automatically. It is very convenient because you do not have to put the firmware into SD and run specific programs whenever you need to update.

tablet Revolution A10 gaming

At this price, the gaming tablet Revolution A10 that can be purchased domestically seems to be not as complete as the Amuse A10 and with the convenience. There are some parts that are not enough, but it is obvious that the products that can raise the thumb in terms of performance and utilization in terms of price. It is a tablet that can be expected to play a role as a notebook that can be used all day long by adding a good accessory (dedicated keyboard, fast charger and auxiliary battery) together. There is definitely a better product when you look abroad. However, considering the AS, domestic brand IMS products may have sufficient competitiveness in terms of cost ratio.
If you are looking for a gaming tablet, take a look at the Eye Muse A10! If you are looking for a gaming tablet, take a look at the Eye Muse A10! Reviewed by www.iphoneandriod.com on April 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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