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Galaxy S10 5G Crown silver color and corn 5GX VR enjoy virtual reality

I have posted on several occasions about our daily life which will be different from Samsung Galaxy S10 series and 5G which are flagship smartphone of Samsung.

Samsung S10
Samsung Galaxy S10
The 5th generation mobile communication is commercialized and gradually applied in our lives, it is expected that the improvement of wireless network will bring more changes than downloading various contents more quickly.
Unpredictable self-driving cars will run on the road and real-time road conditions will help you get to your desired destination faster and safer.

Galaxy S10 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the world's first commercialized 5th-generation smartphone.
I think that the first title will be a model that confirms the possibility of enabling various contents that I have not experienced in the past to be enjoyed vividly rather than just the first.

In today's posting, I would like to briefly summarize the color, appearance, and specs, and to learn about the corn 5GX VR, a virtual reality content that can be enjoyed through Gear VR.


Galaxy S10 5G

One of the most prominent features of this year's large conglomerates is their commitment to color.
The front is made up of as much display as possible, and the rear is made of gorilla glass-like impact and scratch-resistant glass. The color is applied to give a different feeling depending on the direction of light or sight, making it even more luxurious and mysterious.

Samsung S10 5G

The Galaxy S10 5G comes in two colors: 512GB Majestic Black and Crown Silver, 256GB Majestic Black, Crown Silver and Royal Gold.
Among them, the T-Mobile 5GX prime plan is a new subscription, and the Crown Silver being used has an attractive charm that is reflected in the prism color that is different according to viewing angle and light.

Samsung S10 galaxy 5G

The 5G model is the largest of the Galaxy S10 series, with a 6.7-inch WQHD + Dynamic AMOLED Cinematic Infinite Display that is 0.3 inches larger than the Plus's 6.4 inches.

However, with the edge design, which has almost no bezel on both sides, it is less burden to hold in one hand, and it has a good grip on the hand.
The black camera area on the top right of the front still needs adaptation, but the large screen with cinematic display is crisp and cool.

Samsung Galaxy S10

We have all four cameras on the back, including depth, so let's review the changes in detail later.
Although it has improved in terms of performance, the camera that looks black inside the silver border is the worst in design.

S10 galaxy

I can see that the front side frame is slightly lowered and the button is wrapped around the side. It looks like it is protruding a little more, and it is easy to find and press the button.

Samsung Galaxy S10 new

Although it is different from the existing S10, plus, and e models, it is better to check for changes in grip and design due to these changes.

S10 5G

At the bottom is a USB-C charger and speaker, and it supports earphone jack, so you can still enjoy music on the wired.
Separating the wake, you can see that the Micro SD slot has disappeared.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The minimum capacity is not limited to 256GB, but if you need more storage space, you should choose 512GB.


Samsung S10 Galaxy

The specs include the EXINOS 9820 octa-core processor and 8GB of memory, with 256GB and 512GB available.
And the battery has built-in 4,500mAh for up to 29 hours of continuous conversation.
Of course, I like the fact that it is possible to charge 25W faster than the existing 10W rather than the use time.
If you only have a fast charger, you can save a lot of time to buffer.

S10 Camera

It has a front 10MP camera and 3D depth, 12MP telephoto back, 12MP wide angle, 16MP ultra wide angle lens, and 3D depth camera is installed on the rear, so you can freely express object size measurement and depth effect using AR.

samsung S10 camera

With the telephoto, wide angle and super wide angle, it is possible to shoot all three angles of view at the same position, and the super wide angle can leave most of the visible space with a maximum angle of view of 123 degrees.

samsung S10 cam

In addition, a 3D depth camera capable of recognizing distances and depths is mounted on the front and rear to apply live focus effects that blur the backdrop of the video, not just the photo.
It's not just the pictures, but the video as well as the expertise.

S10 Samsung Galaxy

The position of the ultrasonic sensor for on-screen fingerprint recognition has moved a little further.
It has the same recognition rate, but it is similar to the position where I hold the actual smartphone in my hand and place my thumb, so I can unlock it more accurately and quickly.

Corn 5GX VR

S10 VR

So far, the Galaxy S10 5G color, design, specs, camera and so on.
As the 5th generation mobile communication becomes commercial, it has been mentioned that virtual reality and augmented reality will be deeper into everyday life as more data can be transmitted more quickly. It is a waste to use only the video of watching.

Now that you need to worry about how to get good content, you can enjoy the 5GX VR service of corn, T-Mobile's video streaming service through Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5GX VR

When you wear a head mounted display (HMD), you can meet a variety of contents in a virtual space that fills up a 360-degree space around you.
I bought the old notebook 4, tried it for the first time, and after several years' experience, I can see that the technology has developed tremendously.
Of course, you can still see dots in detail, but if you can speed up the development of network and hardware technology so fast, you will soon be able to get a clearer, more realistic look.

S10 5G 5GX VR

If you look at the menu items, you can watch 360VRs, idols, movies / anime, activities, galleries, travel, professional baseball, and live TV.
I could not give you a three-dimensional space spread out in front of me, so I tried to take a picture.
I wonder if the screen divided into two is full of stereoscopic images in front of me and realizes a realistic virtual space.

Galaxy S10 5G 5GX VR

In my social room, I can designate my avatar so that a large group of people can gather together in a big hall to communicate with each other while enjoying contents on a large screen.

It is as if a scene in a movie is real, where you can be together with your family and friends as if you were by your side.
In the Family menu, you can also check out a few kinds of free games that you can get coupons. If you sign up for a standard or higher rate, you will feel free to download video and gameplay related data.

Samsung S10 5GX VR

Although it is not yet in its infancy, the network infrastructure will continue to expand and it is time to think about what content to enjoy based on the superior hardware performance.

So far, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the smartphone that supports the 5th generation mobile communication, has the best performance among the flagship model of Samsung.
Galaxy S10 5G Crown silver color and corn 5GX VR enjoy virtual reality Galaxy S10 5G Crown silver color and corn 5GX VR enjoy virtual reality Reviewed by www.iphoneandriod.com on April 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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