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Sound quality Bluetooth earphones Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0

Bang&Olufsen is a company founded in Denmark in 1925 by two young engineers, Peter Bang and Steve Ollopson. Since the foundation of the company, we have put philosophy into our products with the belief that we will provide our customers with a 'companion of life'. If you have some interest in sound, you probably do not have anyone who has not heard about this Bang&Olufsen. Even if you have not heard of it, I think you've seen Mark at B&O once.

Beoplay E8
Beoplay E8
Beoplay E8 2.0 is available today and you can get a 2 year warranty. Unlike the full-featured Bluetooth wireless earphone I have introduced in the past, I would recommend purchasing a genuine product because it is an expensive product.

Beoplay E8 2.0 boite

It sounds like Bang&Olufsen will not miss out on the quality of the sound. This Beoplay E8 product also has excellent sound quality which is hard to see as a complete wireless Bluetooth earphone.

One thing I can tell you confidently is that this Beoplay E8 2.0 is the best sound quality Bluetooth wireless earphone I have ever used. It is a product that can feel the space that was not felt in the existing cordless products. In particular, I feel the staging is very wide.

Beoplay E8 2.0 boites

I am impressed by the sound quality that I feel is a little distorted in the order of writing today. Should I say that I wanted to emphasize that sound quality is good?

Beoplay E8 2.0

You can feel the luxury from the packaging too, right?

I notice a case made of leather and aluminum. The shape of the earphone is basically the same as the previous version, Beoplay E8 1.0. I did not hear the sound of the previous work, but when I search the internet I do not think there is a big change, but generally the sound is adjusted to a little more than 2.0 by 1.0.


The strap that hangs while the case supports Qi wireless charging is gone. The colors are black, indigo blue, lime stone, natural color, and the product I introduce is black.

Beoplay E8 cable

It does not contain a wireless charger and comes with a USB C-Type cable for charging.

Beoplay E8 2023

Customized ear tips are provided to convey the signature sound of the B&O. There are usually three sizes, large, medium and small, which are further subdivided into four sizes of silicone ear tips. The luxury is not just made!

The memory foam tips are well deformed to fit your ears, so you can hear a little more comfort than silicon. I strangely use memory foam tips, but I usually use silicone tips. A little bigger than M included, it seems to be necessary for me!

earphone Beoplay E8 2.0

Recently, I like the illustrations like this.

earphones Beoplay E8

I recently reviewed some of the products that I did not have a cover on the charging case, but I forgive this product. The luxurious leather and aluminum make it easy to see at a glance where the product looks even if you look at the case.
The case supports Qi wireless charging and USB C-Type charging, and it takes about two hours to fully charge the earphone unit and it can be played for up to 4 hours.

The case has a battery capacity of 530 mAh, which allows three times of buffering and up to 16 hours of playback. I usually do not listen for 4 consecutive hours, so I did not have a short use time or feel that much. These features are all wireless Bluetooth earphones have all.

Beoplay E8 cover

There is a USB C-Type charging port on the back.

Beoplay E8 2.0 earphone

The inside aluminum material looks very classy and when compared to the Beoplay E8 1.0, you can see that the case has really been upgraded a lot. However, even if the function is added and the sound quality is adjusted, it is a little burdensome that the difference between the previous works and the price is over 100$.

earphones Beoplay E8 2.0

If you are new to this part, you can buy Beoplay E8 2.0, which is the newest. If you do not need wireless charging, you can buy an older version.
In fact, the case is very comparative, so I would like to buy 2.0 even if it is a little unreasonable.

earphone Beoplay E8

This is also the fun of getting a new product!

Beoplay E8 earphones

The B&O mark that anyone who is a music lover gives a ride? Compared to the recently popular Bluetooth headset, it's a bit big. It does not bounce like a Frankenstein from the ear when it is big. Just a little overhang?

Please note that Beoplay E8 can only be used on the right hand side, but the left is not possible to use alone. The right side plays the main role, and the left side unit works because of the near-field self-induction method. So the left and right battery sizes are slightly different.

Beoplay E8 2020

Is the wide staging that is felt in superior sound quality a victory of this structure?

Beoplay E8 2021

Bluetooth pairing can be done by touching the left / right side for about 5-6 seconds at the same time. Since I entered the pairing state at first, I was able to pair without any difficulty. With intuitive touch control, anyone can use it easily.

Beoplay E8 ear

I think the touch control works well when compared to the button. This button allows you to play this song, next song and receive and reject calls. In addition, it is possible to adjust the volume, so it can be used easily without removing the smartphone. It is also possible to operate the transparency (the transparency, can hear the external sound) directly through the touch button.

However, in the case of the transfer function, it is possible to control the step in the dedicated app, but it can only be turned on and off in the device.

Beoplay E8 new

How did you think about putting an LED in R?

Beoplay E8 earphone

If you put it in the case, the front part tells you that you are charging.

Beoplay E8 2.0 earphones

While the case is charging, the front LED is flashing so you can know the charge status. I heard that the wireless charger will come out with a dedicated charger. Because it is a wireless charging method of Qi, I was able to charge it if there is a charger supporting it. I also tried charging it on the wireless charger that I used to charge my smartphone and it was charging well.

Beoplay E8 2.0 setting

The Bluetooth version is 4.2.

E8 Beoplay 2.0

I got a B&O search from Google Play, but I can not find my device?

Beoplay E8 2022

When you search for B&O E8 in Google Play, you will see two apps: Beoplay A/S and Bang&Olufsen A/S. If you install the application that comes out the first application but not the first one, it is added properly.

prix Beoplay E8 2.0

There's Beoplay E8 2.0

Beoplay E8 setting

Which color is important to use?

Beoplay E8 samsung

Connection is complete!

Beoplay E8 2024

When you listen to music in B&O apps, you can select Commute, Clear, Workout, Podcast. I guess I'll have to make a choice for each situation. I'm mainly using Clear.

Beoplay E8 2019

Transparency is a feature that you will use a lot when you go out. I would like to say that you can turn this feature on and off on your device, but you have to use a dedicated application to control this step. This feature is especially useful on the way the car is running. If you've been listening to music and have experienced a ride in the back car, you might find this feature useful. I have such an experience that I am always on my way to the car, or I am always using these transporter features.

This function basically mixes the music received from the Bluetooth signal and the sound from the microphone of the device so that the user can hear it. When the breeze keeps on coming into the microphone, I have no idea.
So if you have to listen to the ambient sound on a windy day, I suggest you put off your use for a while. My safety is precious!

Beoplay E8 2.0 new

The sound that the 5.7mm dynamic driver produces is really clear and clear. I do not feel the bass boost, but the bass is good enough. As many people have said, I think it is really good to say that the wireless Bluetooth earphones are as good as the round tower.
It is especially comfortable to listen to music like vocals and classics by emphasizing the mid-range. These features can be selected by choosing Commute, Clear, Workout, Podcast. I think that you will be satisfied because you will hear excellent sound quality and balanced sound as a whole.

Beoplay E8 music

Pop, I was happy to hear anything.

As I mentioned above, the right unit is the main unit, and the left unit is operated by the near-field magnetic induction method. I have not been able to measure the exact distance, but I feel about 30-40cm. The weight is 6g on the left and 7g on the right, so it is good to have a comfortable fit at all times because I can hardly feel the weight.

Sometimes I was not able to pair with my Android product, but I did not have that problem with the LG G8 ThinQ I used. Because it is operated by the touch, it is the advantage that it is very easy to operate compared to the completely used wireless Bluetooth earphones that have been used before.

E8 Beoplay

Recommended if you have found a good quality wireless earphone!

I used to say that the sound quality was the best among the products I've used in the past, but I really think that sound should be heard once and decided. If you are a completely wireless product that is popular nowadays, you might just think that if you listen to it and you are disappointed, you have not had a drink, but this product is basically a high price product about 250$.

Superior, Beoplay E8 ear sound quality and convenient operability are obvious advantages. And it's not Bluetooth 5.0, it's 4.2! If you have any questions about the Beoplay E8, please feel free to ask any questions.

Sound quality Bluetooth earphones Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 Sound quality Bluetooth earphones Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 Reviewed by www.iphoneandriod.com on April 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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