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Before iPad mini 5 launch date, I compared the price specification with the second generation.

It has been more than four years since I purchased the second generation of iPad mini, which is small and light in size and fits in one hand.

iPad mini 5

Without a big difference in design or hardware specs, the third generation was released and the price was lowered to about 320$.
I feel that the more iOS is updated, the slower it is, but the more I buy a new product, the less I am uncomfortable, the easier it is to watch YouTube videos or surf the web.

The ipad Mini 5 and Air 3 have been upgraded to higher performance than expected, which was no longer discontinued due to the iPad Pro. Now, with the obvious advantage of Apple's pencil support, the sudden announcement was made last month that once again, the feeling of intense I was able.
We rumored that the launch date for the iPad Mini 5 will be confirmed in April.

iPad mini 5 new

If you look at the iPad Mini 5 price on the official website, you can see the message that the WiFi 64GB standard will be 430$.
It's not that much of an uptick or a big burden, considering the fact that I bought a 16GB Mini 4 last year and a half ago at a price of about 320$, and it's definitely upgraded performance, display, storage space and need If you think about it, it feels rather cheap.

iPad mini 5 galaxy s10

Most of the time I work on my computer, but I do not forget to write the text that I was writing while moving on public transportation, or the sentence that I want to add, the subject that I suddenly thought of while resting or sleeping, I have installed my notes.

mini iPad 5

The problem is that even though it is the biggest iPhone XS Max, it is hard to see the whole sentence because of the limit of smart phone, and the small keyboard has a lot of typos and it takes more time to fix it.
Although I thought of a small and light notebook like the MacBook Air 11-inch, it is difficult to find the second-hand product of the desired specification as it is officially discontinued, but it is also a burden to the price of the MacBook Pro, which is the main device right now.
At this time, I heard from the news that I had heard that I was going to decide whether to purchase it after testing it to see if it would show as much utility as I expected.

Two things I miss
iPad 5 pro

Pencil support is nice news, but unlike pros, there is no space to attach the round design, and even considering the fact that the existing lightning jack is used as it is, it is unfortunate that it supports only the first generation.
The 7.9-inch display does not work with the pencil, so it can only be used as a simple memo or drawing, so the first generation of pencil, which can not be attached to the main body, should always be carried separately.
Also, I feel like it would be a good idea if you could connect a smart keyboard by adding a side terminal like the ipad Air 3.
After all, you need a proper case with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Compare iPad Mini 5 and 2 size specs
apple iPad mini 5

Both devices are equivalent to 7.9 inches at 2048X1536 resolution, but with a change to the wide color + truetone display, they are a little more yellowish in color and eye-pleasing, making the images or text look more natural.

iPad mini 5 2019

It may seem a bit different, but it is not exactly in the picture, and I need to compare it a little more to see how much difference it makes.

iPad mini 5 cam

The camera is composed of 8MP F / 2.4 aperture and 5 lens. It is not the best spec, but it is suitable to use mainly in the app related to the Augmented Reality which is getting more and more recently.

The external shape is 134.7x200 x7.5 mm based on the Wi-Fi model, 134.8 x 203.2 x 6.1 mm at 331 g, and 0.15 mm wide at 300.5 g, but the length is 3.2 mm longer and the thickness is 1.4 mm thinner Weighs about 30g lighter.

iPad mini 5 2020
iPad mini 5 test

The difference in size can be seen in detail, and the weight seems to be lighter.
I can see that the shape of the bottom part of the speaker and side buttons also change.

iPad 5 apple
iPad 5 mini

It's already been several years, and there is a big difference in CPU performance depending on the specifications.
Turning the bench for accuracy, you can see a huge increase in 1GB of RAM from a single 1366, from a multi-2431 to a 3GB RAM with a single 4830 and a multi-11561.
It is measured slightly higher than the iPhone XS Max that I purchased last year, and it can be said that it is definitely upgraded when I think about the performance difference with the previous generation CPU with the low price usually.

Initial setting
iPad mini 5 s10

Having only one of the Apple devices makes the initial setup process considerably easier.
Just turn on your iPad and put your iPhone on the side to show your iPad to set up a new iPad.

Simply press Continue and scan the pattern on the screen with the camera to complete the basic initial setup.
Apple's strength is that it makes hardware and software work together, compared to having to rewrite all settings on the same Android smartphone or tablet, depending on the manufacturer.

iPad mini 5 apple

If you place both devices at the same time, it is definitely worth the investment as an auxiliary device for blog management, because it is certainly suitable for carrying lightly while feeling the advantage of large screen.

iPad mini 5 pro

The on-screen keyboard allows typing without typing correctly, and pairing with the existing Bluetooth keyboard makes it possible to create a workable environment while taking up less space.
If you only have a small, lightweight keyboard case, you can carry it lightly and use it to suit your needs.

I think it would be the best choice in terms of size and specification among tablets suitable for portable writing, simple document creation, memo, web surfing and movie viewing.
So with the addition of one more Apple device, we can use the iPad Mini 5 until the official launch date, so I'll try to check how efficient it is for my work.
Before iPad mini 5 launch date, I compared the price specification with the second generation. Before iPad mini 5 launch date, I compared the price specification with the second generation. Reviewed by www.iphoneandriod.com on April 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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