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Apple AirPod 2 H1 chip and wireless charging function, speed up to speed

If you are using one of the world's best-selling wireless earphone series AirPod, Apple devices, it is the model that does not hesitate to be regarded as the most used Apple accessories such as the high connection quality, performance and design of the airpot. The AirPod 2 is also an airpot with a lot of users. The AirPod 2 has a look that is all-in-all-over to the big changes, and I have come to see how it differs from the first generation AirPod.

AirPod 2 apple earphone

H1 chip, wireless charging, speed improvement air pod 2
The biggest change in the AirPod 2 is the upgraded H1 chip in the AirPod W1 chip, which improves the connection speed and call time by 50% compared to the first generation, It also doubles the time, reduces game latency by up to 30%, and is also the wireless earphone AirPod 2 that provides optimal usability for those who use it for multimedia such as games, music appreciation, and video viewing.

AirPod 2 apple
Airpot 1st generation VS Airpot 2nd generation

The box package is similar in size to the first generation AirPod and AirPod 2. It might be more appropriate to look at upgrading to the room rather than the design change. It is true that it is better to experience more than just a slight improvement because it is the Apple accessory which is used most by one although it is using one generation.

earphone AirPod 2

The AirPod 2 is divided into a wireless charging case, a wired charging case and a wireless charging case. Because I can not give up the convenience of wireless charging, I chose AirPod 2 with 220$ wireless charging.

AirPod 2 wireless

First, you can see that there is a small LED on the front of the second generation AirPod. In the conventional airpot, I was in a position where I needed to open the cover. It was not so inconvenient, but it has a wireless charging function.

AirPod 2 ipad earphone

You can see that the overall case design is not different. The front LED and the rear pairing button are slightly raised.

AirPod 2 earphone

Airpot 2nd generation vs Airpot 1st generation
I felt that the case became a little heavy as long as the wireless charging function was included. I do not feel like purchasing a new product because there is no big difference in design, but I have used it quite satisfactorily in terms of connectivity, sound, battery efficiency and overall improvement.

apple AirPod 2 wireless

It is also a wireless charging case, but it can be charged with a lightning cable even without a wireless charger.

AirPod 2 apple ipad pro

Of course, I can say that the design is not one of the changes, the second generation of the completely changed airpot, but I have the same design so there is no way to distinguish the first and second generation.

The biggest disadvantage of the AirPot series is that it has an open design, so it does not block the noise from the outside. Therefore, many people expected to have the noise cancellation function. But this model certainly has no noise cancellation features except for improved sound quality and functionality.

AirPod 2 apple ipad

The first generation of AirPot also has a fairly fast connection speed and high compatibility, so it is an AirPot that has no hesitation to consider it as the most appalling Apple accessory. I carry it all the time and repeatedly put it in and out several times a day. I think that even small upgrades can be a big change because it is also an air pot that is always used in everyday life.

AirPod 2 earphone apple

Especially for those who use AirPot for playing games or videos, this AirPod 2 is more attractive. It reduces the latency of wireless earphone by up to 30% in the game part, You can experience it through the pot 2.

AirPod 2 ipad

Especially with the H1 chip, you can always use a waiting queue. If you activate the queue with the existing double touch, you can now activate the queue just by calling "Alex". Especially, DSP algorithm of H1 chip is built in, so I can understand "Alax" even in the case of extreme noise. I've been using it for a while now, and I've been able to make it easier to call and use it with ease.

AirPod 2

If you have a Qi-compliant charger, you can conveniently charge it anytime, anywhere, and existing users can also take advantage of wireless charging by purchasing a wireless charging case. Personally, I am using the first generation of AirPot, but I have a lot of improvement points to the second generation AirPot, so I quickly moved to AirPot2. Then Apple AirPod 2 H1 chip and wireless charging function, speed up to speed I will finish the posting here.
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