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Opened Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R170)

Well ... Many of you have already received it, Galaxy S10 is a Galaxy Buds that arrived as a pre-order gift. I've spent a lot of cordless products, but I skipped Icon X, and I wondered what it would be like this time around.


Galxy Buds

After completing the gear series, let's take a look at what kind of wearable device Samsung Electronics is rebuilding under the brand name Galaxy Wearable.
Oh yes, all the gifts given in advance are all white.

Technical Specifications:
-weight: Earbud 6g / case 40g
-Product Warranty Period: Free one year
-Interface: Charging USB-C, Wireless Charging / Playback Bluetooth
-Driver method: dynamic
-Number of microphones: 2
-Battery: Earbud 58mAh x2 / Case 252mAh
-BT version: v5.0
-BT Codec: SBC, AAC, Samsung Scalable
-BT mode Playback time: 6 hours of music / 5 hours of talk time


Samsung buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds will also follow the new packaging design, the package design you saw in the last Samsung Galaxy Watch active release. Actually packaging is also quite small.


The same is true for the configuration of the key features on the side.
It seems that Tuned by AKG is changing to Sound by AKG these days.


In the back, the certification information and safety information are listed.


We have implemented a minimal package of plastic, and environmentally friendly packaging with as much paper as possible in line with our new Packaging Guidelines. The texture quality of the package,  does not fall even more than I thought, and it is quite clean.
Likewise, the manual box is located inside the top of the package.


It contains simple user manual, detailed manual is provided by Samsung official site.


The accessory box comes with USB C-type cable, extra wingtip, and eartip with different size.



The Samsung Galaxy Buds features a smaller case and unit size than the previous gear icon X series.
I keep the overall design tone, but the details seem to have changed subtly.


The Samsung logo at the top uses faint colors.
The Samsung logo on the Galaxy S10 seems to have a similar color, so the Samsung logo seems to focus in a direction that does not hurt the design.


There is a USB C type port on the back, so you can charge the cable.


Of course, it also supports wireless charging, which makes it easier to charge. I have used the wireless battery sharing function added from the Samsung Galaxy S10, but I do not really want to charge it with this function.
The wireless charging duo I reviewed previously has been able to charge smoothly.
It seems to use the wireless charging method of the QI compatible standard probably.


There is one status indicator that indicates whether or not the front case is charged.
The groove is large enough to open well when opening the lid.


Samsung Buds

When the lid is opened, the space that can accommodate the earbuds inside is made to fit neatly.
The internal color tone uses a gray tone color that is slightly bluish.


The earbud charging status indicator is located inside.


Earbud charging proceeds through two pogo pins.

The previous gear icon X had a lot of contacts, but in Samsung Galaxy Buds, it was greatly reduced to two contacts.


The built-in magnet is built in, so if the earbud is attached to the case, it will not come off immediately when turned over. So I snapped a little bit to see how strong the magnet is.


Well ....
I should not be flipping over.


The size of the ear bud is much smaller than the previous Gear icon X.
The triangular shape of the rounded corner has a built-in touchpad that is used to control the playback device.


On the inside of the earbud, the charging contact and the wear detection proximity sensor are located.
It is basically equipped with a wingtip on the earbud, which helps to make it more stable in the ear.


The filter appears to be using a metal filter.

Pairing and other features


In my Samsung Galaxy S10, I opened the lid near it, and the device was detected.
I have a review of Apple AirPod that I used with the iPhone 6S the other day, and I really like the ease with which it can be paired.

I set up Samsung Galaxy Buds initial connection in the Galaxy Wearable app.
In fact, this process is nothing but I took a picture to look a little long.


The Galaxy Wearable app allows you to set the status of the earbuds and notifications, and you can set the equalizer.
Personally, when I turned on the equalizer, it turned out to be too strange and irritating, so I personally like to turn off the equalizer.


(I wanted to talk about the buzzing song because of Galaxy Buds)

I have just opened and looked at Samsung Galaxy Buds this time and tried to connect it to the device.
I have been using it in indoor and outdoor environment all day, and the overall sound balance is fine, but I could feel the feeling that the hi-hat part of the drum or high-end part of the drum sounded like other sound reviewers.
I will try to leave you with the details after listening to detailed sound, battery time, and actual use.

In the meantime, I hope that you will be able to receive it soon for those who have not received the reservation in advance yet.
Opened Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R170) Opened Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R170) Reviewed by www.iphoneandriod.com on April 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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