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Why the Huawei Mate X folding smartphone is the most technologically advanced gadget in the world right now

In Barcelona, Huawei showed its vision of the smartphone of the future: Folding Mate X turned out to be really impressive.

Huawei Mate X
Huawei Mate X
The success of Chinese Huawei in the smartphone market for a long time no one is questioning. The company was able to quickly enter the top three of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers (last year Huawei delivered 206 million smartphones), and on this it does not intend to stop, going very soon to become number one. This is facilitated by the wonderful products of Huawei: For example, released almost a year ago P20 Pro still remains a smartphone with the best (according to the site DxOMark) camera-announced the other day Samsung Galaxy S10 could only compare with the Chinese device, but Not surpass it.

Huawei Mate X
Matebook X Pro
The company is seriously tuned for the notebook market. For example, within MWC 2018 Huawei introduced the mobile computer X Pro, which turned out to be so successful that many observers called it one of the best ultrabuks in 2018.

At the end of last year, the company has already managed to please the announcement of the laptop Matebook 13, which should compete with the updated MacBook Air. The success of Huawei laptops is confirmed by the figures: their deliveries last year grew by 335%.

matebook pro x

As part of a presentation in Barcelona, which took place on the eve of the MWC 2019 exhibition, Huawei announced the replenishment of the company's notebook family with another model, Matebook 14. It will complement the company's notebooks, and its characteristics are close to Matebook 13. The latter, by the way, can now be ordered in the configuration of the touch screen-this is also reported by the head of consumer unit Huawei Richard Yu.

Huawei Matebook

Huawei Matebook 14 is equipped with 14-inch (optional-Touch) IPS-screen with the aspect ratio of 3:2. Its resolution is 2160 × 1440 pixels (pixel density equals 185 ppi), brightness is also not too high-300 nit (the minimum value is 250 nit). Glossy coating invariably, so that fans to work on a sunny beach is worth thinking about whether to buy such a device. Especially as the brightness at the screen is small-noticeably less than 450 nit in the older model Matebook X Pro.

The advantages of the screen include a narrow frame (4.9 mm), thanks to which the screen occupies 90% of the area of the top of the laptop. This was also achieved thanks to the transfer of the webcam to the keyboard-this trick amused us a year ago, at the time of the release of the first model Matebook X Pro.

Huawei Matebook X Pro

The specifications of Matebook 14 are typical for the ultrabouks of the end of 2018 – the beginning of 2019 G. These are Intel Whiskey Lake processors: Core i5-8265U or Core i7-8565U, 8 or 16 GB of memory LPDDR3-2133 MHz, 256-or 512-GB SSD-drive. Optionally, the laptop can be equipped with NVIDIA GeForce MX250 video card, which, as we know, is a renamed version of MX150.

In this case, according to Huawei, the full version of the GPU with TDP 25w is used. Interesting and a set of ports: one combined port USB-C with the support of the interface Thunderbolt, which is used to connect the charger, one USB port 3.0 and one USB Port 2.0. Unlike the 13-inch model, a larger laptop also received a full-size HDMI port.

Huawei Matebook X Pro

The thickness of the novelty is small-15.9 mm, but the weight of the present times Velkovat: 1.53 kg. The capacity of the lithium-polymer battery reaches 57.4 W · h, the operating time of up to 15 hours, so that in reality hours 8 – 10 in the mode of office work laptop should stretch. Matebook 14 will be available in two color versions: Grey and silver.

Huawei Matebook pro x

As it should, Matebook 14 received a large and quite convenient touchpad, but the keyboard unpleasant surprised by the small stroke of keys, just like the Makbukov last years. To the pleasant features it is necessary to include a fingerprint sensor, built-in key on/off laptop.

Huawei Matebook X Pro

At first glance, the Chinese turned out to be quite a good laptop, but, I think, it is unlikely to be a best seller. After all, there are a lot of competitors in this segment. For the configuration with the processor i5, 8 GB of RAM and 512-GB Huawei Drive in Europe will ask 1 199 euros, and the version of the processor Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce MX250, 16 GB of RAM, 512-GB SSD and touch screen cost 300 euros more expensive.

Huawei Matebook X Pro

As part of the presentation, Richard Yu also talked about the updated version of the Matebook X Pro laptop. The novelty has received some not the most significant changes. Thus, the company updated the logo on the outer lid of the laptop: now instead of the usual icon and the name of the company there flaunts only a large inscription HUAWEI. The most significant change was the transition to Intel Whiskey Lake processors, which were presented at the Intel presentation in the framework of last year's IFA 2018 exhibition. Thanks to the new chipset, the theoretical speed of connection to Wi-Fi networks has increased from 866 to 1733 Mbps. The Thunderbolt interface bandwidth has also increased to 40 GB/s, which is useful when connecting 4k monitors or an external video card. It can hardly be considered a serious improvement of the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce MX150 on MX250.

Huawei Matebook X Pro

Now you can transfer files from your Huawei smartphone to your laptop with one touch. You only need to attach the smartphone to the laptop (to the right of the touchpad), and the desired file in seconds will load on the laptop. The transmission rate is said to be 30 MB/s.  The technology is working in both directions, that is, it is also possible to transfer files from the laptop to the phone. For the operation of the technology need a smartphone Huawei or Honor with the version of the software shell EMUI not lower than 9.1 (or Magic UI 2.1 and newer). Another interesting option familiar to Apple device owners is a single clipboard. That is, you can copy text on your smartphone and paste it into a document on a laptop or a Huawei tablet.

Of course, the main novelty of the Chinese company at the exhibition MWC 2019 were not laptops. Due to various leaks it was known that Huawei will show in Spain its first folding smartphone. And it was very interesting to see if the Chinese manufacturer could surprise you after the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Going forward, I will say that yes, the device really surprised and impressed many. Obviously, before us the main novelty of the entire exhibition MWC 2019-the likelihood that someone can beat Huawei, is very small.

huawei mate x
huawei Mate X
Huawei's folding smartphone was named Mate X. I would like to start with the fact that Mate X has a fundamentally different implementation than another folding smartphone Galaxy Fold. In contrast, Huawei has a single display and folds up the screen is not inside, and outward. This allowed the Chinese to not use the additional screen: in the folded state the back and front of the screen can work independently. The most important thing is that in the unfolded state Mate X is a 8-inch tablet, with a very thin frame and without any cutouts, monobrow or chins, to which we have recently become accustomed.

huawei mate x

Over the folding mechanism the company's specialists have worked for more than three years. It turned out to be very complex and includes more than 100 different parts. To understand the complexity of the implementation, try to fold the notebook in half. You will see that the sheets on the outside of the bend are uneven. This is because the outer and inner bends have a different radius and, accordingly, different lengths. By the way, the problem with bending has not been solved till the end, and on those devices which have been shown to journalists, at the certain angle of sight it was possible to distinguish heterogeneity of a screen in the central part of it. At the same time, when looking at a right angle the image degradation was not noticeable. It is possible that this moment will be finalized in commercial devices.

huawei mate x

Let's move on to the numbers. So, as it was already said, the diagonal of the OLED-screen in the decomposed state is 8 inches, resolution-2480 × 2200 pixels. In the folded state, the diagonal of the screen is not much smaller-6.6 inches at resolution 2480 × 1148 points. The rear screen is even more elongated-2480 × 892 points at 6.38 inches diagonally.

huawei mate x

The problem with the cameras and cutouts under them Huawei decided very simple and even elegant. On the back panel in the phone there is a noticeable thickening width, probably about 10 mm in the entire height of the phone. That's where the camera modules were placed. There are three of them: 40-and 16-MP for wide-angle shooting and 8-MP for Telephotography. Huawei Mate X has no selfie cameras-they simply do not need them, because you can make selfies easily on the main camera of the device.

smartphone pliable mate x huawei

In the unfolded state the thickness of the smartphone-only 5.4 mm (not counting the same thickening). But even in the folded form the total thickness of Huawei Mate X is only 11 mm! This allows you to carry the device even in the pocket of jeans-the same Samsung Fold noticeably thicker (not less than 17 mm-this is the data from the presentation of Huawei, on the site of Samsung this indicator I could not find). Weighs Mate X a lot-295 grams. This is about the same as the IPad mini 4 weighs. As the head of Huawei assures, thanks to the thickening of Huawei Mate X it is convenient to hold one hand in the unfolded state. In principle, it sounds plausible. Surely many of our readers remember the Lenovo tablets, which had a characteristic cylindrical thickening. They were really convenient to use.

huawei mate x mobile

The technical specifications of the new product are close to the characteristics of Huawei's last flagship, Mate 20 Pro. Huawei Mate X is based on the Kirin 980 processor, equipped with 8 GB of operational and 512 GB of flash memory, which can be extended using NM memory cards. The smartphone is equipped with two batteries with a total capacity of 4500 ma ∙ H. The fingerprint scanner could not be embedded in the screen, it is located from the end, in the device activation button.
Huawei Mate X supports high-speed charging-the manufacturer declares fastest charging in the world. The supplied 55-watt charger is capable of charging the smartphone's batteries by 85% in 30 minutes. The ZU itself is quite compact and in size is almost no different from the typical chargers for smartphones. With it you can easily charge and laptops equipped with USB-C ports.
Another interesting feature of Huawei Mate X is the support of the 5G standard thanks to the MoD of its own development Balong 5000. This modem, as well as the processor Kirin 980, is executed on 7-NM process and supports more modern version 5G SA (StandAlone).

Huawei Mate X

Finally, the most interesting-prices and release date. So, Huawei Mate X should go on sale in the middle of this year, the price for the European market 2299 euros.
Unfortunately, Huawei did not allow journalists to try novelty in the case: in the demo zone of the device were, but only in the number of several pieces, besides hidden behind the glass. However, we were fortunate enough to take some photos of Mate X on the street, where we saw a happy Chinese with Mate X in his hands (apparently a Huawei employee), allowing us to make some "live" photos of the device. By the way, the smartphone was really working, and it even included a box, where you could notice a new 55-watt charger.

Huawei Mate X

The high price of Huawei Mate X should not be discouraged-because it is still the best implementation of the folding smartphone, albeit not devoid of flaws. The case has finally shifted from a dead point, and the mobile industry has received a new vector of development. It is obvious that in the coming years we are waiting for new experiments of manufacturers with the formats of mobile devices. It'll be fun!
Why the Huawei Mate X folding smartphone is the most technologically advanced gadget in the world right now Why the Huawei Mate X folding smartphone is the most technologically advanced gadget in the world right now Reviewed by www.iphoneandriod.com on May 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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